Help and support booking flights!

If you are unsure about how to go about booking cheap flights, we can provide you with the support you need to find the most suitable flight.

Free transport from airport to your apartment!

When you arrive into resort one of our reps will meet you at the airport and take you to your transport which will then take you to your accommodation, where another rep will be waiting to meet you.

28 day stay in the AYIA NAPA recruit apartments!

When you arrive at the apartments your stay will last 28 days, and you will be living with other workers who have all booked through us.

Don’t worry about coming out on your own, as you will have a chance to meet everyone else in our Facebook group specifically made for everyone flying out the same date as you.

An option to stay on for the full season!

After your 28 day stay you have the option to stay for the rest of the season, if you decide to stay in resort we will then set you up in workers apartments which are also based in NAPA.

Welcome pack sent out in the post!

Giving you everything you need to get you excited before your arrival, including a free t-shirt, official discounted AYIA NAPA recruit wristband and information on everything that will be happening in resort.

Recruitment days!

AYIA Napa recruit have priority with the majority of the bars on the strip when they are looking for staff, they will come to us directly when they need people to work.

we do not prioritise individuals which is why we organise recruitment days with the bars to give everyone a chance to speak to them directly.

Job trials!

We can set up job trials for you, the majority of the time we do not need to because you will have been offered something through our recruitment days or from going out on the strip.

all that we ask is that you give us a enough time to set these up for you.

Free help and support 24/7!

Reps will be on hand within resort and you will be provided with a contact number so you can give them a call anytime.

Organised activities!

We will make sure that this is the best experience by organising days and nights which will give all our recruits a chance to bond and make it one to remember.

Free medical advice!

We work alongside the local surgery who are based in resort who can give our recruits dedicated support when needed.

Help contacting home and friends!

We will give you the help you need to keep in touch with your employers and other workers within resort without stacking up a massive phone bill. There is WIFI everywhere on the island, so wherever you go, there is always a way of contacting home.

Help finding flights home when you’re ready to leave!

If your thinking about going home at any time we work with different excursion shops within resort who can help you book your flight home when you’re ready.