A popular and well sought after job, previous bar work experience will be essential in some of the busier bars and clubs due to the pace of the service. The hours you work depends on where you work, if you work in a beach bar the hours will generally be during the day or if you’re working in a nightclub don’t expect to be on be home till 6:30am. You’ll most likely work 8-9 hours a day/night 6 days a week and pay is normally about €30-€50 a night.
A PRs job is to sell a product or bring people into the bar they work for, the job is very popular yet very competitive, no experience necessary just be well presented and know how to talk to people with confidence whilst selling the deal your bar is offering. PR jobs mostly work at night, generally speaking if you work for a bar you will start 8pm-9pm and finish between 2am-4am, nightclubs tend to do split shifts, advertising/ticket selling a couple of hours during the day and outside the club from 9pm-11pm right up until 3am-5am. Wages are between €30–€50 a night, you can drink on the job and you can earn some very good money.
There are events going on all the time in Napa, live events, boat parties, bar crawls etc your manager will provide you with tickets to sell for a commission rate. This is a job for the well disciplined and self motivated. Nobody will look over you and you can sell as and when you please, pay is mainly commission base as well as a basic on top, a very relaxed job and a great way to earn very good money.(
If you are confident and self motivated then maybe you will enjoy being a shot girl. This job works on a commission basis and is during peak season, some of our workers have made over 100 euros in one night.
For this job you will most certainly need experience and confidence, depending on where you work depends on the experience needed. The hours depend on which venue you choose to work and the wages for the clubs can reach up to 100 euros.
As you can imagine DJing in a clubbing resort is one of the most competitive jobs in resort, if you’re looking to DJ in abroad then you’ll need to make sure you get out early on in the season and you’ll need to have your own collection of the latest music and you own Laptop, headphones etc. Booking through Napa Recruit we can help introduce you to all the bars and clubs in resort.
There are many restaurants/bars in and Napa who need well presented staff to provide the best possible service to their customers, previous experience preferred but not essential. Most places will be open from 10am and most would also like their staff to work 12 hour days with an hour’s lunch. Again pay ranges between €30 – 50 euros plus tips.
With a busy bar comes a lot of mess, this is where glass collectors come in. You will be cleaning tables, collecting glasses, cleaning sick, sweeping up glass on the floor and taking the bins out at after closing. The hardest and fastest workers are the most desirable to employers, no previous experience necessary. It is normally similar hours to bar staff for glass collectors, normally starting early and being last to finish, please expect to work around 8-9 hours a shift